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Deep South Martial Arts


Adult Kung-Fu

At our martial arts centre, we teach both Northern Shaolin and Hong Family Fist Styles. We also teach the Chang Hong system, which combines these two styles. The Chang Hong system was created by Master Chen Ching Ho of Taipei, Taiwan. These three martial arts were practiced by many famous masters in their time and remain popular today.

Kid's Kung-Fu

Our Kung Fu Kids programme is designed for boys and girls aged 6-11. Our instructors are passionate about equipping children with self-defence skills that transcend the classroom. They aim to teach deeper principles that help children develop healthy boundaries, discipline, respect for peers and kindness.


Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that uses the body’s bioelectric system to give the practitioner a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. Tai Chi movements are smooth, refined, and elegant, creating a balance of energies both internally as well as externally. Tai Chi can be described as ‘meditation in motion’ and uses the principles of ‘soft against hard’ and ‘weakness to defeat strength’.


Tactical Kung-Fu Training – We offer self-defence workshops, which are short empowerment courses that teach self-defence techniques. These are perfect for corporate workshops, team building initiatives, or a gathering of individuals who want to learn self-defence. Learn basic self defence effectively and in a relatively short time. Practical training in gun defence, knife defence and unarmed combat.

Making Your Way Toward Inner Peace

kung fu & tai-chi

Shaolin Kung Fu, meditation and traditional martial arts are all about health and inner peace. The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu for over 20 years, gaining a reputation for quality and excellence in this time. We teach both Northern Longfist (Chang Quan) and Hong Quan (Hong Family Style).

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